EPS insulation molding machine with vacuum pump for size 1250*1000mm

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eps block modling machine
eps block modling machine

Our eps insulation molding machine takes horizontal inner mold sheet with adjustable position from 0 to 10cm. The adjustable block width can be 630-730mm.Compression ratio can be 14%.

  1. It effectively improves the adhesion, porosity, moisture content, thermal conductivity of the board, increase the flame retardancy of the board and reduce the probability of concave deformation of the finished product, thereby reducing the production of edge waste in the cutting process, and greatly reducing the production cost . Due to the compression process design of the sheet forming machine, the waste backfill ratio of thermoset modified polystyrene board can reach 10%-15%. This advantageous performance also completely solves the waste recycling problem of thermoset modified polystyrene board, thus Reduce production costs. If the equipment produces and processes EPS insulation boards, the waste can be backfilled by more than 20% without affecting product quality.
eps block modling machine
eps block modling machine
  1. The equipment has a built-in surface pressure sensor. The surface pressure sensor can accurately sense the pressure between the plate and the inner mold cavity during the production process, thereby accurately and effectively controlling the molding time of the plate, ensuring the product yield and reducing product dents. The chance of heart deformation.
  2. The vacuum system and pneumatic and hydraulic components adopt well-known domestic and foreign brands to ensure high-quality operation of the equipment during the production process.
  3. The whole machine body is welded with high-quality steel. After aging and sandblasting, the overall strength of the equipment is increased, and it is not suitable for deformation. It can withstand the expansion force of higher density plates and unexpected impacts during operation.
  4. The design of rail-type sliding door is adopted to prevent the deformation of the mold cavity caused by the impact during the operation of the equipment, and the clamping gap can be adjusted to ensure the air tightness of the mold cavity.
  5. The mold cavity adopts a special stainless steel template with a wedge-shaped slot structure with a thickness of 10mm. It has the advantages of high anti-corrosion strength, large steam intake, and easy cleaning. The surface is mirror-polished to facilitate the demolding of the finished product.
  6. The equipment adopts low pressure and large flow vacuum penetration molding technology, which improves the steam utilization rate and output. The main steam pipeline pressure is only 0.2~0.3MPa and can be produced.
  7. According to the nature of the equipment and the finished product, the company independently developed a special anti-stick release agent for the board machine, which effectively reduced the occurrence of flame retardant liquid blocking the sticking of the sieve plate in the production of thermosetting modified polystyrene board in China, and enhanced The continuity of product production and the production efficiency and quality of finished products.
  8. The control system of eps insulation molding machine adopts imported PLC and touch screen to automatically control the cyclic production process, automatically detect faults in operation and issue alarms to inform the fault points.

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