installation of EPS cutting machine

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2 axis CNC EPS cutting machine
2 axis CNC EPS cutting machine

CNC EPS cutting machine takes steel frame as machine body and gantry is also use the steel frame,it is heavy machine and controlled by CNC system.

The  feeder couples with the screw rod via a nut, the motor drives the long screw rod and then paper feeder goes forwards or backwards. Turn a hand wheel and realize the fine feed of the paper feeder, then it can achieve the size requirement.

2 axis CNC EPS cutting machine
2 axis CNC EPS cutting machine

The  feeder on the worktable is an important to assure cutting quality, which is composed of paper feeder, toothed plate, double guide rail, force transmission block,guide block, and a nut as well as the nut holder on screw rod. The screw rod used for driving paper feeder is located at lower middle position of worktable, drives the paper feeder to move longitudinally by means of nut, nut holder and guide block. The guide rail below worktable can assure the vertical kinematic accuracy of paper feeder.

For installation of CNC EPS cutting machine,we need guarantee the parallelization precision between sheet pusher working surface and hot wire cutter blade. The toothed plate is interlinked with paper feeder floating to make sure of it.

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