Technical feature of CNC EPS cutting machine PSQ400

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CNC EPS cutting machine take multiple hot wires for cutting 2D models,it is Arduino CNC machine which can be operated automatically on computer.The machine application is on EPS foam cutting for letters,logoes,mouldings,advertisement etc.

Main Features of 2 axis CNC EPS cutting machine:
1. The aluminum frame connected by specialized fastenings creates stable performance and precise cutting.
2. Equipped with stepping motor,suits to cut the specially designed figures with requirement of adjustable speeds.the cutting precision can be 0.3-0.5mm.
3. Equipped with 3kw transformer,adjustable power output ranges from 0to 7v under electrical control.
4. 20pecs cutting wire can be set at one time,which exceed the regulated cutting stroke,the CNC EPS cutting machine can stop running automatically.
5. With function of cutting stroke protection:when exceeds the regulated cutting stroke,the CNC EPS cutting machine can stop running automatically.
6. With 17″screen and brand computer,the machine realize the design&cutting,all software for drawings and cutting are English is easy to understand  and operation.cutting software have powerful function,such as automatic memory system while power shut-off,reverse and rotating cutting,mirror symmetry cutting,automatic clearance compensation system,which keep accurate and convenient cutting.
7. Rotation platform is optional, achieve to 5 axis cutting.

2 axis CNC EPS cutting machine
2 axis CNC EPS cutting machine

The parameter of PSQ400 CNC EPS cutting machine

Max cutting block sizemm4000*1500*(1250~1500)
Cutting wiremmΦ 0.4  G20Ni80
Stepping motor torqueN. m18
Cutting speedm/min0~4
Cutting transferCapacityKVA3
Overall dimensionmm5500*2500*2600

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