nichrome wire and nichrome band for eps cutting machine

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cnc eps cutting machine

Arc foam cutter and CNC eps cutting machine use nichrome band and nichrome wire to cut.which cutting tools you need to choose with your machine?

Electric heating alloy can be classified into two categories based on its chemical element and structure:

The 1st category is ferro chrome FE CR series,the 2nd is Nichrome NI CR series.They have their own advantages as heating alloy.Their application can be with metallurgical machinery, medical, chemical, ceramics, electronics, electrical appliances, glass and other industrial heating machine and civilian heating appliances etc.

arc cutter
arc cutter

The main advantages and disadvantages of the iron-chromium-aluminum alloy series:

Advantages: The iron-chromium-aluminum electric heating alloy has a high use temperature, which can reach 1400 degrees, (0Cr21A16Nb, 0Cr27A17Mo2, etc.), long service life, high surface load, good oxidation resistance, electrical resistance The rate is high, the price is cheap, etc. Disadvantages: The main reason is that the high temperature strength is low. As the use temperature increases, its plasticity increases, and the components are easy to deform, not easy to bend and repair.

cnc eps cutting machine
cnc eps cutting machine

The main advantages and disadvantages of nickel-chromium electric heating alloy series:

advantages: high temperature strength is higher than iron-chromium-aluminum, it is not easy to deform under high temperature use, its structure is not easy to change, plasticity is better, easy to repair, its emissivity is high, non-magnetic, corrosion resistance Strong, long service life, etc. Disadvantages: Due to the use of rarer nickel metal materials, the price of this series of products is several times higher than that of iron, chromium and aluminum, and the use temperature is lower than that of iron, chromium and aluminum.The EPS moulding by our CNC eps cutting machine are smooth, neat, and free of obfuscation. They pass the plastering template smoothly, avoiding secondary trimming processing; the CNC EPS cutting machine is fast, High precision and low cost of electricity saving, iron chromium wire and nickel chromium wire can be used in a wide range.

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