The income of eps shredder for polystyrene recycling

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eps shredder
eps shredder

Our heavy duty eps shredder take large size feeding inlet which is good capacity.The blower with eps shredder is big capacity too.all machine weight is heavier than light duty machine in the market.Our eps shredder together with eps pelletization machine can bring more income for factory owner.Lets give you cost and profit analysis.

eps shredder
eps shredder

We take the capacity of 30ton per month as example,the raw materials are eps waste.

The eps waste costs USD300 PER ton.

EPS pellets cost USD600 per ton.

EPS pellet finished ratio 90%.

Water and other small cost are included.

Return time:1-2 months.

Yearly income:USD100000 WITH 12 months production.


Are you happy with the analysis of the cost and profit for our eps shredder ? Pls act and build up your factory with our machines.

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