EPS waste recycling in our daily life

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foam box
foam box

We can see the EPS foam waste like the EPS box or EPS panels everywhere in our daily life,you can even receive it even if you do not buy it,cause the courier can deliver it to you.So,here comes one question:how to handle with it?

It is bad to throw it everywhere,it is polluting environment.it is difficult to throw it into rubbish box which is classified for different kinds of waste.is it recyclable or non recyclable ?

eps recycling
eps recycling process

The EPS foam is a white object made of expandable polystyrene beads containing a volatile liquid blowing agent, which is pre-expanded by heating and then heated in a mold to form a white object. It has the characteristics of fine closed cell structure, and is widely used in building walls, roof insulation, cold storage, air conditioning, vehicles, ships, insulation; at the same time, it is a new type of shockproof packaging material with light specific gravity and impact resistance , Easy to shape, beautiful appearance, bright color, low price and so on. ?

It is seen as package for buffering effect in the application of TV box,washing machine,air conditioning,precision instrument,glass container etc.

As we know,the EPS waste can be recycled into resin which can be used again.its recycling can save environment and produce energy.

How to recycle the EPS waste in our daily life?

You can send them to the recycling factory,cause they have full sets of EPS recycling machines to recycle them.

  • They can densify the EPS waste and crush the densified EPS bricks,then pellet them.
  • They can crush it by EPS shredder and use the materials as fillings.

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