eps recycling system

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eps recycling system from China
eps recycling system from China

Working procedure of eps recycling system

The eps foam waste is shredded by the shredder and then transport thru pipes to the silo on the eps deduster.After removing the dust in the deduster,the recycled materials will be sent thru pipes to one of the silo of eps mixer.Origin eps granules in another silo on the eps mixer will be mixed with recycled granule materials in the eps mixer and then transport the mixture to the next eps block/box molding machine.Normally,6%-20% of recycled eps granules will be mixed.

eps recycling system from China
eps recycling system from China

The eps recycling system consists of eps shredder,eps deduster,eps mixer and silo and pipes etc.

EPS shredder specification

Model No.FS320
Crushing Diameter4-12mm
Total Power14Kw
Exterior Size1840*680*1900mm
Total Weight850Kg


EPS deduster specification

Model No.SPFL-30
Capacity25-30 m3/h
Total Power6.27kw
Exterior Size4220*2500*4500MM
Total Weight600 kg


Mixer Specification

Model No.SPH60
Capacity55-100 m3/h
Total Power5.67 KW
Exterior Size3050*2050*5700(mm)
Mixing Proportion6%-20%


Auxiliary items – silo and pipes

automatic eps silo system


We give our eps recycling systems with one year warranty. all electronics and machine parts with design or quality problem are required to be exchanged freely within one year.


We give our machine lifelong service. Free instructions for machine operation,free instructions for repairing machine at buyer’s will if any. We offer cost price for the electronics and machine parts out of one year if any problem occurs.

Software from our company is available for free update and installation if the machine is installed with software.

Technical support is available 24/7.


Below factors causing machine problems are not in our warranty:

1) Incorrect installation of machine at buyer’s area

2) Electric voltage problem or incorrect machine operation relating with electric power.

3) Operations not complying with operation manual.

4) Problem caused by lacking of necessary maintaining.

5) Problem caused by unsuitable working condition

6) Transportation or movement of machine by buyers.

7) Force majeure factors like heavy rain,earthquake etc natural disasters and anthropic factor.

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