General introduction of EPS cutting line for cutting eps slabs

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NiCr wire has high resistivity, because it has good surface oxidation resistance, high temperature grade, strong plasticity and high strength at high temperatures, so NiCr heating wires are generally used on EPS cutting line.

The eps cutting line is mainly used for cutting foam materials. It can cut rigid foam, soft foam, and plastic into squares, rectangles, bars, etc., and input any graphics into the computer for cutting. The line has the advantages of high cutting efficiency, accurate cutting size and high precision.

eps cutting line
eps cutting line

Main features of eps cutting line:

  1. The EPS cutting line adopts horizontal, vertical and end-face cutting wires to realize three-dimensional cutting of the plate. The end-face cutting wire is separately equipped with a cutting car, which can work simultaneously with the horizontal and vertical cutting wires. The clutch is used to realize the quick return of the cutting frame;
  2. The EPS cutting lineadopts a 10KVA multi-tap special transformer, which can use 50 heating wires at the same time. The transformer has a large capacity and a wide range of voltage adjustment;
  3. The main body of theeps cutting lineis welded and assembled by thick-walled special-shaped square pipes, which can be disassembled and assembled at will;
  4. The eps cutting lineadopts a frequency converter, which can adjust the speed at will between 0-4m/min, and the operation is stable, and the cutting board is flat and the size is stable;
  5. The eps cutting line can be equipped with automatic control; 6. It can cut various sizes of small blocks in the vertical direction at the same time.

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