why use aluminium extrusion as machine frame

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The cnc hot wire cutter uses hot wire to cut eps styrofoam for 2D and 3D models,the machine is widely used in foam cutting line.We design our machine with aluminium extrusion materials which is fashionable and light weight.

Industrial aluminum extrusion is one of the more widely used extension products for machines. It can be used to make various machine supports, load-bearing frameworks, etc. High-quality industrial aluminum extrusions have the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. So what are the characteristics of cnc hot wire cutter made of aluminium? Here are a few points for your reference.

cnc foam cutting machine
cnc foam cutting machine for 2D MODELS
  1. Reasonable structure and goodflatness.

The frame structure of the fine industrial aluminum extrusion should be reasonable, and the surface flatness should be high, without unevenness. Such an aluminum extrusion frame can be uniformly stressed, can prolong its service life and avoid bending deformation.

alumium type (mm)45typeLCF, CF
Groove type4Surface treatingAnodizing treatment
Profile width45×45Aluminium seriesMISUMI 45·50·60series with width10mm
  1. The overall tone is uniform.

A good industrial aluminum extrusion frame should have a uniform overall tone. This requires users to make a distinction when purchasing frame aluminum extrusions. The excellent frame aluminum extrusions are all surface-treated, and the common colors are silver, black, gold, stainless steel and so on. If the frame aluminum extrusion produced from recycled aluminum is used, the surface will be dark and the color will be uneven. If you want the aluminum extrusion frame to look beautiful, remember to use the frame aluminum extrusion with uniform color to build it.

  1. The connection part is precise and there is no big gap

Aluminum extrusion extension products are all connected with industrial aluminum extrusion accessories. The industrial aluminum extrusion frame often uses built-in connections. The excellent aluminum extrusion frame connection parts are invisible and precise with small gaps.

  1. Safe and stable without shaking.

The built aluminum extrusion frame must be safe, stable, not shaken, and have good bearing capacity. This is related to the quality of the frame aluminum extrusion and the overall frame structure and connection method. Therefore, in the initial customization of the plan, remember to choose a reasonable aluminum extrusion model and a reasonable frame structure, and regularly check whether the connection part is loose after the installation is completed.

The above introduction is the good point for cnc hot wire cutter using aluminium extrusion materials.may we know your point for it? Welcome to contact us for questions.Thanks.

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