what is EPS Foam Densification?

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EPS densification

EPS foam densification is a process that involves compacting or densifying EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam to reduce its volume and make it easier to handle, transport, or recycle. The densification process typically involves compressing EPS foam, which is a lightweight and bulky material, into densified blocks or logs. This compression significantly reduces the overall volume of the EPS foam, making it more efficient to store and transport.

EPS densification
EPS densification

EPS foam densification can be achieved through various methods, including the use of specialized EPS densification equipment like EPS foam compactor. These machines apply pressure to the EPS foam, causing it to compress and decrease in size. The resulting densified EPS blocks or logs are more manageable and occupy less space compared to the original bulky EPS foam.

Densified EPS foam can be recycled more effectively since it takes up less space and can be transported more efficiently to recycling facilities. The densified EPS can then be processed further for recycling into new products or used as raw material in various industries.

It’s worth noting that EPS foam densification is a separate process from melting or hot-melting EPS foam, which involves heating the material to transform it into a molten state.

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