eps dedusting system

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eps dedustor
eps dedustor with silo

EPS dedusting machine system 

We design eps dedusting system for customers as below system.The eps dedustor can recycling the eps foam waste and its silo can store the dust free granules in the eps silo.

eps dedustor with silo
eps dedustor with silo


Eps dedustor machine

The eps recycling machine is an combination of eps shredder plus dust free machine box.

eps waste dedusting machine
eps waste dedusting machine

General Description

The eps dedusting machine recycles the eps/modified eps panels waste into particles which can be able to feed into new eps panels making,one new panel feeding can mix 10%-20% amount of recycled particles with origin eps granules.
It is combination of eps shredder and de-duster, eps particles are  to be crushed and the dust will be removed by the combo eps recycling machine


1) foam products are crushed by eps shredder machine,air blower transport the materials thru pipes and its dust will be clean by dust free box into garment bags.

2) Dust free box functions with pressure and filter.

3) Control box can control crusher,dust free box, air blower seperately.

3) It is environmental friendly, particles out of machine are very clean and can be used again.

Output granules display

eps recycling output
eps recycling output by eps deduster


Model No.CD1000
Overall SizeL3.8* W1.8* H2.4m
Overall Weight1.6 ton
Capacity200 kg/h


Input Size0.8 m
Motor7.5 kw
DusterSizeL2 * W1.2m
Material Fan3kw
Fan1.1 kw
Gear box2.2 kw


EPS Silo

automatic eps silo system

Silo drawing

eps silo drawing
eps silo drawing

Silo bag specification

Silo bag SizeSilo bag MaterialsMesh Value
2.5m*2.5m* (4+1)mNylon and clothMesh 50

Square steel tube system

eps silo rack
eps silo rack


Spiral pipes and fitting

gavalnized spiral pipes and fittings
gavalnized spiral pipes and fittings

Quotation of eps dedusting machine system

System CompositionSpecification
Eps dedusting machineCD1000 model no.
Silo bag2.5*2.5*(4+1)
Square steel frame for silo and connection parts4*4cm diameter
Spiral Pipes and fitting15mm diameter for 15m length


Price:USD  per system FOB xingang port

Payment:30% advance payment,balance before loading.

Package:polywood for machine and silo pipes,naked package for square steel

Making days:15 days

CE certified cost is included.

Warranty:one year


Bank info

Account NameShijiazhuang Myaid Trading Co.,Ltd
Bank Account101539804209
Bank NameBank of China,shijiazhuang zhongshan branch
Bank AddNo.85 east zhongshan road,Shijiazhuang city,Hebei province,China
Swift CodeBKCHCNBJ220



We give our machine with one year warranty. all electronics and machine parts with design or quality problem are required to be exchanged freely within one year.


We give our machine lifelong service. Free instructions for machine operation,free instructions for repairing machine at buyer’s will if any. We offer cost price for the electronics and machine parts out of one year if any problem occurs.


Software from our company is available for free update and installation if the machine is installed with software.


Technical support is available 24/7.


Below factors causing machine problems are not in our warranty:

1) Incorrect installation of machine at buyer’s area

2) Electric voltage problem or incorrect machine operation relating with electric power.

3) Operations not complying with operation manual.

4) Problem caused by lacking of necessary maintaining.

5) Problem caused by unsuitable working condition

6) Transportation or movement of machine by buyers.

7) Force majeure factors like heavy rain,earthquake etc natural disasters and anthropic factor.

The warranty of the eps dedustor is guaranteed,welcome to inquire from us the system.



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