Points for attention about hot wire cutter

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hot wire eps cutting machine
hot wire eps cutting machine

The so-called EPS hot wire cutter machine is an equipment used to process foam, sponge and other materials required by the chemical industry. At present, hot wires are mainly used for cutting various foam materials. Since the fine cutting of the hot wire is not easy to deform, the cut is smooth and the edge is not blurred, so it is currently used in various fields. Of course, in the process of using the hot wire cutter machine, it will inevitably cause malfunctions and require maintenance. Now we will state the following precautions during maintenance.

Only personnel who know how to use this operation can repair or replace components! In order to prevent accidents or mechanical damage, the following principles must be followed during the inspection:

hot wire foam cutting machine
1. In case of failure, please disconnect the power supply and stop the hot wire cutter machine;
2. When the machine cannot be used normally, please consult the manual and operation manual to determine the correct measures to be taken; before checking or replacing components, you must first turn off the power.
3. The parts (components) removed during the inspection should be replaced with the same new parts (components) at the same location. The instruments used during the inspection must be calibrated.
4. It is forbidden to leave flammable or metal objects in the electrical cabinet or junction box;
5. Regularly check whether the cables and wires are damaged to prevent leakage or electric shock.

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