We sell German origin copper coated hot wire

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copper coated hot wire
copper coated hot wire

0.4mm German imported copper-plated cutting wire, nickel-chromium-cobalt imported hot wire.

Material: Nichrome Cobalt

Custom processing: Yes

Resistivity: 131microhm•cm

Expansion coefficient: 13.6µm/m °C

Main purpose: cutting foamed polystyrene hot pressing layer material

Product certification: ISO9001, CE

Temperature resistance: 1200 degrees Celsius

hot wire
hot wire for cnc foam cutting machine

Why use imported cutting wire and what are the advantages?

Ordinary hot wire will be deformed when working because it is soft, and the length of the side will be softened, which affects the accuracy and speed of the cutting process. The iron-chromium-aluminum hot wire is hard in the ordinary state, but brittle, the imported hot wire is copper coated hot wire,it will not become soft, and it should not be deformed at high temperature.

copper coated hot wire
copper coated hot wire

Imported cutting wire has good surface oxidation resistance and high strength at high temperature. The tensile strength of ordinary domestic hot wire is 780, and the imported cutting wire can reach 1800. It has good processing performance. By adjusting the temperature and cutting speed The achievable cutting effect, the type and density of the material will affect the cutting speed.


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