Multi functional appication of Hot wire CNC machine

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Our Hot wire CNC machine can cut any 2D&3D&4D models like EPS decorations which can be seen as EPS cornice,Cartoons,decorative molding,aircraft etc.The hot wire of machine is controlled by 4  axis which can independently motioned.

EPS decorative cornice is made of architectural. Through special process treatment to achieve economic used, light weight, transportation and installation convenient, energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon. Manufactured in different thickness and length to meet almost any thermal installation requirement in the temperature range -30 to 60 degree Celsius.

hot wire CNC machine
hot wire CNC machine

The main frame of the hot wire CNC machine is made of aluminum alloy profile connected by special joints with stable function and performance, reasonable structure, high precision, Multifunctional hot wire CNC machine is With automatic wire setting system to set cutting wire automatically for different cutting thickness. It is efficiency improved and Energy saving. The hot wire CNC machine is integrated with frequency control to realize a large range (0-4m/min) of stable and stepper motor which is suitable for the requirement for low speed and high speed cutting.

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