basic knowledge of eps insulation sheets

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hot wire eps cutting machine
hot wire eps cutting machine

We see eps insulation sheets are everywhere,esp on the building walls which is used as insulation materials.Today we will have a brief overview and analysis of the ultra-light eps sheet which is closed-cell foam board, and hope it will be helpful to you. The ultra-light eps foam board is made of eps materials which is foamed by a non-compression method. It is polymerized by suspension of eps monomer drops that diffuse into the water medium under the premise of increasing the pressure and temperature. In the polymerization process, the foaming agent is introduced into the polymer component, that is, the foam forming agent, pentane or isopentane, which is an easily volatile liquid natural hydrocarbon, and is often used as a fuel for daily lighters or gas burning devices. of. After the polymerization is over, the milky white spherical polymer particles with a diameter of 1 to 2 mm are obtained, which are then separated from the water.The last process for get finished eps sheets are by hot wire cutter.

When EPS foam board is used in external wall insulation system, its apparent density must meet the requirements of JG149-2003 “Expanded Polyboard Thin Plastered External Wall External Insulation System” standard, that is, the apparent density is 18-22kg/m3 . Maintain the main layout of the building and extend the life of the building. Because external insulation puts the insulation layer on the outside of the layout, it reduces the stress caused by the layout deformation caused by temperature changes, and reduces the corrosion of the layout by harmful substances in the air and ultraviolet rays.

hot wire eps cutting machine
hot wire eps cutting machine

When pasting eps sheets, it is not allowed to adjust the flatness between the pre-bonded board and the pasted board by moving the board left and right, up and down, but should be adjusted with a rubber hammer; the purpose is to prevent the polystyrene board from moving left and right to cause polymer The bonding mortar overflows into the gap between the boards. 5.7 After the polystyrene board is pasted to the wall in accordance with the above requirements, it is repeatedly flattened with a 2m leaning ruler to ensure its flatness and firm bonding. The board and the board must be squeezed tightly without seams, and there shall be no bonding mortar between the board seams, otherwise This part forms a cold bridge. Every time a piece is pasted, the polymer mortar squeezed out around the board should be removed in time; if the polystyrene board is not cut straight to form a gap, it must be straightened with a wooden file before posting.

EPS board is a white object made of expandable polystyrene beads containing volatile liquid foaming agent, which is pre-heated and heated in a mold to form a white object. The hot wire cutter will cut the sheets.It has a structure of fine closed cells and is mainly used for building walls, Roof insulation, composite board insulation, cold storage, air conditioning, vehicles, ships, insulation, floor heating, decoration and carving are very versatile. The characteristics of foam board: low density, high recovery rate, with a separate bubble structure. The surface water absorption rate is low, and the penetration resistance is good. It is resistant to acid, alkali, salt, oil and other organic solvents, and has excellent aging resistance. It does not flow at high temperatures and does not crack at low temperatures. Different specifications, support customization.

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