hot wire cutter supplier in China

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hot wire cutter
different hot wire cutters

We are supplier from China for hot wire cutters,cnc foam cutting machine,eps recycling machine etc.The difference of our machine and others are obvious,we concentrate on solutions for eps styrofoam processing.Either you want to cut styrofoam insulation sheets in styrofoam factory which is applicated with our eps cutting machine,or you have small shop for cutting decoration and advertisement which is applicated with our hot wire cutter.

hot wire cutter
different hot wire cutters

These machines are using hot wires as cutting tools which will cut the expanded polystyrene foam.So,it is called as hot wire cutter.It is categorised by the movement routine of hot wire.For eps insulation block,you need the hot wire move linearly as you see in eps cutting machine.For eps decoration and Advertisement like logo,signs,mouldings etc,you need hot wire move 2D models.

And the hot wire can move as 4 axis independent control,the wire end is able to move at different directions at different speed and at different position,so,you can get 3D and 4D models in cutting.


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