hot wire polystyrene cutting machine

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hot wire polystyrene cutting machine
Max. Product Size2000×1300×1000mm3000×1300×1300mm6000×1300×1300mm
Cutting Line0.25-1.2mm0.25-1.2mm0.25-1.2mm
Control SystemIndustrial ComputerIndustrial ComputerIndustrial Computer
Cutting Speed0~1.5m/min0~1.5m/min0~1.5m/min
Power13.5kw, 380V, 50HZ14.5kw, 380V, 50HZ14.5kw, 380V, 50HZ
Overall Weight1200kg1500kg2000kg

Hot Wire Contour Cutter

Cutting Method: Hot Wire

Good to Cut: EPS, XPS, EPP, Styrofoam, polystyrene

Advantage: Temperature adjustable accurate

100 Cutting Wire available

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