warranty of hot wire cutter

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hot wire cutter
hot wire cutter

after-sales warranty of hot wire cutter machine provides a free maintenance as warranty service if the machine is found to be unable to work normally due to defects in materials or workmanship within one year from the date of purchase (unless otherwise specified). The warranty is only for the original consumer (“purchaser”) and takes effect from the date of delivery from the company. Any warranty application needs to provide our company’s invoice number and product serial number.

If our company confirms that the hot wire cutter has defects in materials or workmanship, it will repair or replace the product according to its own choice. If the hot wire cutter is damaged due to accident, abuse, misuse, or misuse, or if it is modified or repaired without our written permission, the warranty will be invalid.

hot wire cutter
hot wire cutter

Our company reserves the right without prior notice of product changes, and will not be responsible for the buyer’s direct or indirect economic losses caused by violation of the warranty principle and relevant laws and regulations.

Before sending the hot wire cutter for repair, the customer must first contact our company for warranty registration and description of the malfunction. Our company’s support staff will communicate with the customer to confirm whether the repair center service is necessary, and assign an RMA number for repair. The customer is responsible for returning the warranty equipment to our company’s repair center for repair, and taking it back after the repair is completed.

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