Polystyrene insulation

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polystyrene insulation
polystyrene insulation

Polystyrene materials are used for insulation,one time dinning tools,box,plastic box,photo trimmings etc.How they are made?There are heat forming or vaccum molding production ways,also there is extruded moldings.The hot wire cutter can slice the polystyrene into small sheets.

95-98% of the polystyrene foams are air,eps materials are good insulation materials for architectural buildings,like the mortar block and insulation block in buildings.The grey eps materials mixed with graphite are better fire proof and better insulation performance.

polystyrene insulation
polystyrene insulation

Expanded polystyrene is rigid and tough and close cell foam which density is between 10 to 30kg/m³.Normally,it’s color is white and is made of pre expanded polystyrene beads.its application can be the protection of some items or to be shredded into scraps for fragile items.

Eps sheets can be rigid panels as package which size are usually 100cm*50cm.some extra panels are fitted on the eps sheets as the exterior panel system on the building wall. Its thermal conductivity is measured according to EN 12667. Typical values range from 0.032 to 0.038 W/(m·K) depending on the density of the EPS sheets.If you add filters like graphite,aluminium,carbon,you can allow eps conductivity to value of 0.030–0.034. The value of 0.038 W/(m·K) was obtained at 15 kg/m3 while the value of 0.032 W/(m·K) was obtained at 40 kg/m3 according to the datasheet of K-710 from StyroChem Finland.Its colors are grey or block which can distinguish it from normal eps sheets.So,some manufacturers in England and EU make a variety of these thermal conductivity for the products.

Hot wire cutter can be the machine for cutting eps insulation sheets,the last machine in the eps production line for making polystyrene insulation.

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