eps pelletizing machine with feeding of melt or compaction ingots

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eps pelletizing machine
eps pelletizing machine

eps pelletizing machine can recycle the eps foam waste,and also eps hot meltings,eps compaction ingots as raw materials into beads.These raw materials will be melted and extruded by strand die head into spaghetti which will be cooled and cut into beads.

eps pelletizing machine
eps pelletizing machine

The eps pelletizing machine line includes eps shredder,silo,pipe,eps pelletizor,water box,cutter etc.As for eps shredder,you have different types to choose based on what you wanter to shred with.we have eps shredder for eps foam waste,for eps lump,for eps densified bricks etc.they need different eps shredder.


The eps pelletizing machine line specifications as below,it feeds with eps waste of eps meltings and compaction.

Item nameMachine SizeInput SizePowerCapacity
EPS compaction shredder1580*1300*850800*600301500kg/h
EPS lump shredder1900*1580*900700*600221500kg/h
Host machine1300*800*1600800*80030500kg/h
Auxiliary machine2000*1000*800300*30011500kg/h
Beads cutter500*500*1100180*1802.2500kg/h


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