2019 New EPS Vacuum Supported Block Molding Machine PB6000V

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PB2000V-PB6000V EPS Vacuum Supported Block Molding MachineProducts Details: EPS Block Molding Machine is the main EPS machine used to produce EPS blocks, then cut to sheets for house insulation or packing. Popular products made from EPS sheets are EPS sandwich panels, 3D panels, inner and outer wall insulation panels, glass packing, furniture packing etc. EPS Vacuum block molding machine can produce high density EPS blocks, works fast cycle, with low water content in blocks. Machine complete with control box, vacuum system, weighing system etc. Main Features: 1. Strong Structure: a. Machine is made of high-strength square tubes and thick steel plates. b. Machine’s all six panels are through heat treatment to release welding stress, so that panels cannot deform under high temperature. c. After heat treatment, all panels are processed by sand blasting treatment to remove rust, then first painting and final painting is done to keep machine anti-corrosion. 2. Steam system: a. Use three ball valves to control steam, saving 20% steam comparing to traditional one main valve system. b. Steaming is controlled by Timer and three German electrical gauge switches, with a safty valve to save from gauge malfunction situation. 3. Control system: Machine with PLC and touch screen for easy operation.

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