Polyurethane/Phenolic panels machinery

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Polyurethane/Phenolic panels machinery
Polyurethane (PU)/phenolic(PF) foam block continuous production line is for making PU and PF foam insulation board with soft layers of cement cloth, aluminium foil,non-woven cloth, paper etc.
The procedure for soft layers of PU/PF continous production line
Rigid foam plastic liquid are casted on botom layer by metering pump for perfusion machine,it is with top layer together fed into laminator to be foamed between the link joint,the foamed block will be trimmed and cutted to the size according to your demand.
Laminator Specification
Effective length of laminating machinemm12000-24000
Effective width of laminating machinemm1200
Effective height of laminating machinemm20–100
Laminating machine temperature control range°C≤80
Adequate production speedm/min20-300
Foaming casting machine flowKg/min1–10
Anti-pressure capability of laminating machine(25°C)Mpa3
Anti-pressure capability of laminating machine(70°C)Mpa2.8
Suitable production thicknessmm20–100
Dimension L*W*HMm40000*3000*4000
Installed powerKVA50
Total weightTons25-45
The framework materials:The exterior framework is made with H type steel 200*200*10mm,,interior framework is made with 10# thickening U steel and 100*60*45mm square tube,the side shield is made with 8mm steel sheet,the head and end of the shield of main process equipment is made with 20mm steel sheet.The inner track is 60*30mm 45# cold – drawn steel,laminator is with 9mm thickness aluminum-alloy materials.endless screw for tolerance is Ф58mm,the main parts of the machines is by CNC milling machine.
1)high pressure mixed filling end:it is L type,twice mixed filling.It is with premium alloy steel,the hardness can be above HV900 after heat treatment.The equipment is so advance that it can work over 1 million time without breakdown. Two materials can be fully mixed twice in hybrid barrel fastly and fully through convection.The output axis and washing axis work fast and repeatedly without wasting.
2)high and low switch valve:high pressure resistance is good to be 35MPA,materials is stainless steel,There is no leakage with the pressure and fret resistance and good structure of the valve.It can identify its position automatically,the pressure transition is fast and non-stop.it automatically transit to low pressure when there is no filling,so,it wears less and it enjoys longer life.
3)permanent magnetism shaft joint:The magnetism from the system can link the motion system and the attached system.No need with mechanical linkage.It contains outer and inner rotator,seperation sleeve.It is a substitute solution to the mechanical system which has the problem of leakage and seal replacement of the pump.
4)high pressure displacement pump.It is from Rexroth in Germany and Gelanre in CHina which are famous for polyurethane pump.
5)Display: it is touch screen which is automatically controlls the work.also there is fault diagnosis system which can stop running the work when the problem is there.
6)PLC controlling system:it is Siemens brand.electrical device is delixi brand,the motors are copper materials.assistant motor is Schneider brand.All these brand enjoys good aftersales service.
Warranty clause
We give one year warranty service. Parts are available free within one year in case of quality problem

FAQs of Polyurethane/Phenolic panels machinery?

What’s the Price of Polyurethane/Phenolic panels machinery ?
Dear Friend,
if you are interested in Polyurethane/Phenolic panels machinery, please contact us first, because that different requirements on the same type Polyurethane/Phenolic panels machinery, the price maybe a little different, but we will give you the best price.

What’s the shipping method of Polyurethane/Phenolic panels machinery?
We can ship the Polyurethane/Phenolic panels machinery as your requirement, usually, we ship Polyurethane/Phenolic panels machinery by shipping company, which is more economical, you will save more money.

We can offer all kinds of Polyurethane/Phenolic panels machinery for insulation, any questions, welcom to contact us.

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