Recommend a good EPS machine supplier in China

Watch Youtube Video to seek for solutions about foam cutting machine and foam recycling machine
eps shredder
eps shredder

Myaid  Machinery focus on supplying EPS machines for customers in EPS industry.We supply EPS block machine,CNC hot wire cutting machine,EPS shredder from China.

We work with local manufacturers to bring values to customers,it is more than buy and sell,we give solutions with years of experience from our engineers,so,it is benefitable to get the best machines suitable for customers.With experience from our office staff,we are capable to give customers with best operation in shipping and documents.With availability of our technical staff,we can send staff to cutomers’ plant to install machines and it is good aftersales service from us.

heavy duty eps shredder
heavy duty eps shredder

We founded in 2018,located at shijiazhuang city,050000,hebei province,China.Our city is the EPS base at northern China,it ranges from EPS chemical supply to EPS machines,from insulation sheets production to exterior decorative mouldings etc.It enables us to organize from our base to supply you machines and sevice.

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