automated vertical bandsaw machine to cut foam automatically

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The  bandsaw machine can feed automatically and cut at fixed length automatically.

A bandsaw machine that surrounds two saw wheels with a ring-shaped endless saw blade and makes continuous rotation in the same direction for sawing. With high efficiency and small sawing path, the band saw is the most widely used main saw in China’s lumber-making equipment. It is used for log splitting, split board square lumber, large slab bark sawing into thin boards or small squares, and it can also be used to cut unedged boards into full-edged boards or square lumber.


The main body of the band saw machine is composed of a machine body, two saw wheels, a tension device, a saw wheel lifting and pitching device, a saw card, and a safety cover (see figure). The sports car of the band saw is composed of an upper log device, a log turning device, a track and a driving walking device, a sports car body clamping device, a rocking rule device, a pile fine-tuning device, a swing, a discharging device and a board connecting device. The feeding mechanism of the small band saw mainly includes the lateral supporting roller, the double upper pressing roller, and the driving roller table. The band saw machine has high high-speed cutting output, flexible maneuverability, strong adaptability, small saw cut, high output rate, flexible sawing, and high-quality lumber. Main technical parameters of band saw machines commonly used in Chinese lumber: the diameter of saw wheel is 1067~1 524 mm, the cutting speed of saw band is usually 2300~3000 m/min, the feeding speed is 15~60 m/min, and the maximum sawing log diameter It is 0.71 to 0.83 times the diameter of the saw wheel, the average output of sports car band saws is 15 to 20 cubic meters per shift, the motor power of sports car band saws is 30 to 80 kilowatts, and the desktop band saw is 20 to 30 kilowatts.

automated band saw
automated band saw

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