Different types of EPS foam shredders in the market

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styrofoam shredder
styrofoam shredder

There are different types of EPS shredder in the market.

Hammer Mills: Hammer mills are used for size reduction and fragmentation of EPS foam waste,it is an EPS shredder. They consist of a rotating shaft with hammers that strike and break down the foam material into smaller pieces. Hammer mills are suitable for processing denser and thicker EPS foam, and they can be used as standalone shredders or integrated into larger recycling systems.

Pulverizers: Pulverizers are high-speed machines that grind EPS foam waste into fine particles or powders. They use rotating blades or discs to crush and pulverize the foam material. Pulverizers are often employed in applications where the resulting fine particles are required for specific recycling processes or for the production of new materials.

The selection of the appropriate EPS shredder depends on factors such as the desired output size, processing capacity, energy efficiency, and the specific characteristics of the EPS foam waste being processed. Recycling facilities may employ a combination of shredders and complementary equipment to optimize the recycling process and achieve the desired recycling goals.

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