Unique advantage of eps pelletizing machine

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325 eps pellet machine
325 eps pellet machine

It is the fifth eps waste recycling machine for pelletizing,the machine body take safe coverings which can protect from high temperature harming,and it can solve problem of electricity leaking,and it can also keep warm for machine.

The output beads from EPS pelletizing machine are white and transparent,it looks good color.

Low energy consumption.The belt for motor running is risky,it can be easy to break,we install covering on the motion belt to protect from harm,and it looks beautiful for the machine.

Our eps shredder is horizontal on the ground,we can feed shredder with something to help with,so,it is safe to feed.

eps pelletizing machine
eps pelletizing machine for recycle eps pellets

EPS pelletizing machine can recycle EPS foam waste,EPS compaction,EPS meltings into recycled beads which can be used as raw materials for XPS insulation,window frame,food container etc.

Model No.220270320350
Capacity (kg/h)150-175200-225275-300225-350
Motor power(kw)80080010001000
Shredder power(kw)5.5 four poles5.5 four poles5.5 four poles5.5 four poles
Main unit power(kw)15 four poles15 four poles18.5 four poles22 four poles
Auxiliary unit power(kw)5.5 four poles5.5 four poles11 four poles11 four poles
Strand die power (kw)2.2 six poles2.2 six poles2.2 six poles2.2 six poles
Cutter power (kw)1.1 four poles1.1 four poles2.2 four poles2.2 four poles


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