2019 Powerfull Air Cooling EPS Block Molding Machine

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Air Cooling EPS Block Molding MachineProducts Details: EPS Block Molding Machine is used to make EPS blocks, then cut to sheets for house insulation or packing. Popular products made from EPS sheets are EPS sandwich panels, 3D panels, inner and outer wall insulation panels, glass packing, furniture packing etc. Air cooling block molding machine is suitable for small capacity request and low density blocks production, it’s economic machine. Air cooling Block Molding Machine complete with control box, blower, weighing system etc. Main Features: 1. The machine adopts PLC and touch screen for automatic mould opening, mould closing, material filling, steaming, temperature keeping, air cooling, demoulding and ejecting. 2. The machine set up high-pressure blower for suction material. Cooling is done by convection air by blower. 3. Machine plates are from high-quality steel profile, through heat treatment, strong and no deformation. 4. Mould cavity is made of special aluminum alloy plate with high-efficiency heat conduction,good strength and long lasting.

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