Software programming for cnc foam cutting machine

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hot wire cutter
hot wire cutter

CNC foam cutting machine has horizontal and vertical free conversion cutting technology, easy to use. The machine adopts a stepping motor, stable movement, free speed adjustment, suitable for cutting special graphics, requiring continuous speed change requirements. The display screen has functions such as displaying cutting patterns and tracking cutting. The cutting speed is adjustable, and the maximum movement speed is 4000mm/min. The parameter setting is simple and convenient. The cutting control system adopted by the cutting control system can directly import CAD drawings, with clear screen, interface, stable performance, convenient operation and compatibility. The cross-sectional view of the processed product is drawn on the computer in advance, and the high-temperature heating wire is cut in two dimensions according to the graphic track, which can process various two-dimensional shapes of EPS products. At present, this cnc foam cutting machine is widely used in the production of EPS decorative lines.

hot wire cnc cutting machine
multiple hot wire cnc cutting machine

CNC foam cutting machine is a computer controlled machine that can cut any three-dimensional products from extruded and expanded EPS foam. Through the use of a step motor controlled by a computer, the heating wire is cut in the X, Y and Z directions, which can make the foam material cut accurately. The foam cutting machine needs an instruction before cutting to order it to walk. This instruction is called the CNC cutting program. This program uses CAD software to cooperate with the cutting machine application software. Only the required dimensions and graphics are input to the CAD to generate the cutting Machine graphics, complete the compilation process, and then generate the cutting machine code, which is directly converted to the CNC cutting machine for cutting use. The CNC foam cutting machine has many programming functions and is simple and easy to learn. It is currently the choice of small and medium-sized enterprises. The CNC cutting software technology of the CNC foam cutting machine can support the CNC cutting machine to achieve full-time cutting, automatic cutting and cutting! Through software technology, that is, optimizing the cutting control software and automatic perforation cutting process in the CNC system, realize the full-time cutting, automatic cutting and cutting of the CNC cutting machine, and improve the cutting efficiency and cutting quality.


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