Summary of small continuous EPS pre-expander

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Continuous EPS pre-expander is used to make EPS resin expansion with multiple times. The steam valves are equipped on cabinet, manually control. It is suitable for small factory, easy to operate and low investment.

basic configuration eps foam batch prefoam machine

Specification of EPS pre-expander
Chamber diameter: 900 mm
Chamber height : 2000mm
Steam pressure: 0.6Mpa
Compressed air pressure: 0.6 Mpa
1st expansion density: 12-40 g/l
1st expansion capacity: 250-400 Kg/h
2nd expansion density: 7 g/l
2nd expansion capacity: 250-400Kg/h
Connected load: 12.5 Kw
Power supply: 380/50 V/Hz
Weight: 1500 Kg
Contour size: 5000*2000*2700 mm

Features of eps pre-expander
1. Multiple expansions with 1st and 2nd can be available.
2. Square layout design with insulation layer
3. Stainless steel chamber and copper feed conveyer
4. Easy for maintenance and operation


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