General introduction of EPS coating machine

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eps moulding coating machine
eps moulding coating machine

EPS coating machine coats mortar/cement on the surface of EPS decorative moulding which can be installed on the exterior wall of buildings.

EPS coating machine installs main frame with rectangular steel tube, it can be connected with the various special fittings, stable movement, reasonable structure, stable performance, high precision, advanced technology, convenient operation, time, manpower, use of this product can save raw materials;

 EPS coating machine adopts gear motor 1.5 KW, the smooth movement, free speed, suitable for cutting special graphics need to constantly shifting standards.

linear foam coating machine
linear foam coating machine

The feature of EPS coating machine

1, the max coating speed, up to 20 m/min.
2, EPS coating machine adopts unique location guide technology, make the line in and out of the warehouse location accurate, mortar coating precision is high, the deviation is less than 0.5 mm;
3, The performance of mortar coating uniformity, thickness is consistent;
4, EPS coating machine can be adjusted according to the line size, gantry and template, save cost;
5,EPS coating machine can be processing line is the biggest single size can be up to 800 mm * 600 mm;
6.EPS coating machine can greatly improve the working efficiency;
7, the operation is simple, only three people can operate the production of EPS moulding.

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