2019 Latest Design EPS Foam CNC Router Carving Cutting Machine EPS1325

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4 axis styrofoam cnc router
4 axis styrofoam cnc router

Configuration of EPS Foam CNC Router Carving Cutting Machine EPS1325

  1. Welded thick steel bed structure, Taiwan HIWIN square guide rails
  2. 4.5KW or 6KW air cooling spindle
  3. Servo motors, also can optional stepper motor and drivers
  4. Ncstudio control system, can be optional DSP control system and Taiwan SYNTEC control system
  5. Dust cover for ptecting guide rails and rack
  6. Shenzhen SUNFAR inverter
  7. 2 collects and 15 pieces cutters
  8. exporting plywood package 


car foam mould machine 1325the size can be optional
X Y working area1300mm*2500mmby your requirement
Z working area500mm500mm
surroundings for softwarewindows98/2000xpwindows98/2000xp
reposition accuracy0.05mm0.05mm
table size1480mm*3100mm
max running speed20m/min20m/min
max working speed10m/min10m/min
command G code*.u00*.mmg*.pltG code*.u00*.mmg*.plt
power( not include the spindle)2000w2000w
spindle power3.0kw-6.0kw3.0kw-6.0kw
work modestepper motorstepper motor

Note: optional machine parts
1.The spindle of styrofoam cnc router can be water-cooling or air-cooling,  single head or multi-head,
  and its power can be changed according to the material.(3.0kw, 3.2kw, 4.5kw, 5.5kw etc.)
  China brand HQD or Italy HSD spindle.
2. The operation system can be DSP or NC studio system, or MACH3 control system
3. Table surface: Aluminum T-slot table with clamps or vacuum adsorption table with vacuum pump
If you need double use, we also can produce T-slot and vacuum table together
4. The motor can be stepper or servo motor, or hybrid servo motor
5. You can also add dust collector, dust cover, rotary axis, auto oiling lubricating system
6. Other customerized parts.

5 axis cnc router machine manufacturing process:
1. The engineers design the machine according to your needs.
2. The purchasing department carefully select and buy the machine parts.
3. The skilled workers make the machine.
4. The quanlity control department supervise the whole manufacture process.

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