dual shafts eps shredder supplier

On Sale: VCDS HEX-V2 Vag COM Cable USB Interface Only US$39.99, OBDII Break Out Box Only US$36.99. Wholesale 2019 Latest Desgin EPS Cutting Machines
Foam waste materials have a wide range of sources and low production costs. The melted lump produced by the foam recycling machine is in large demand in the market and exceeds the supply. It is a necessity for plastic processing, and the products are easy to sell. Through recent developments, our machinery has taken the lead in the work of foam recycling machine technology. Our equipment has spread all over the country and established a good image and reputation in the hearts of users. Interested colleagues from all over the country are welcomed to come to our factory for visit. There is nothing difficult in the world, I am afraid of those who are interested. We have always been users to serve customers and friends. In the early stage of sale, we explain the patience of our products to customers, and introduce customers to eps shredder machines and suitable for users. we provide the equipment for free throughout the process, and carefully explain the use of the equipment after the equipment is completed, and will punctually conduct a telephone return visit, and organize our service personnel to provide door-to-door protection services on time. Every detail is treated with sincerity and heart for every piece of equipment and every customer and friend. And to be patiently explained and used, to ensure that our customers and friends skillfully use and produce, and bring more benefits to users.
dual shafts eps shredder
We have always done this, as long as this way our eps shredder machine will have better results tomorrow. Our company’s eps shredders have one-stop service. If you want to purchase foamshredder equipment, please visit our company. The factory implements one-stop service to customers. Whenever purchases our equipment, our factory will conduct guidance installation and debugging. To ensure that users are produced on time, the second is that the equipment is guaranteed for one year (except for vulnerable parts). Fortunately, any equipment sold can be consulted for free regardless of any problems at any time. The factory will give customers a pre-sale Satisfactory service. The environmentally friendly eps shredder adopts the principle of spiral propulsion compression mechanism, which effectively solves the problems of EPS/EPP/EPE foam and polyurethane foam, which are light and bulky, difficult to recycle, and inconvenient to transport. The equipment has a high compression ratio and no need for cold pressing. Together they promoted the economic development of our country, and made the equipment produced by 220 eps shredder manufacturer for environmental protection. After years of practice and improvement, a complete set of treatment plans was implemented according to the actual needs of customers to achieve reductions for customers. The purpose of bothering to increase more output and efficiency. The structural strength of the foam granulator is very high, and the application is very good, the appearance is beautiful, and the application is very large, and the installation is also very simple, giving people a bright and relaxed use of enjoyment.

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