The principle of EPS shredder recycling machine

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eps shredder
eps shredder

EPS foam have been widely dominating the market in recent years as the world advocates environmental protection and energy conservation,EPS shredder have received extensive attention and demand in the field of eps foam recycling. The recycling and use of waste foam not only protects the global environment, but also bring an inestimable value for regeneration. It is a material that can truly turn waste into treasure. The main recycling methods are: The recycled EPS can be raw materials for photo frames and mirror frames, It can be used as a variety of filling materials after damage, and it can be used to make oil or recycled EPS and other useful chemical raw materials after cracking.

heavy duty eps shredder

(1) The eps shredder is low noise which can be used for granulation after volume reduction, EPS foam can be pelletized by screw hydraulic pressure to supply pellets to make recycled pellets, We know that the volume of EPS foam packaging material is huge, and about 95% of its mass is air. Whether it is from an economic point of view or storage and transportation cost considerations, the volume of EPS foam needs to be reduced when recycling. At present, the mainstream is at home and abroad. The main methods of reducing the volume of waste foam plastics are as follows: mechanical method (that is, using foam cold press), solvent method (chemical method, high cost, and currently not widely used) and heating method (EPS foam hot melt machine).

(2) When damaged, it can be used as filler. EPS foam products can be used as filler after damage to make various products.

eps shredder
eps shredder

Working principle of   EPS shredder:

When the EPS shredder is working, the operator only needs to put the foam block into the hopper, the machine’s crushing knife will automatically break the foam block according to the set power, and then the screw arrangement will squeeze the small piece of EPS foam into a section, It is a square compact block. This kind of eps shredder adopts the cold pressing principle, and the whole compression process does not need special heating.There is a pressure scheduling device at the front end of the eps shredder. According to the characteristics of the EPS material, the shrinkage ratio can reach 40-50 times.

Model No.
Input size
shaft qty
5.5 kw
5.5 kw
7.5 kw
11 kw

When processing EPS foam waste, the use of EPS shredder can effectively reduce the volume of foam, reduce storage space and transportation costs. The EPS shredder is specially used to recycle foam waste. It is easy to operate and maintain, reduce garbage disposal costs, save storage space, and save transportation and storage costs. The compressed EPS foam material is easy to recycle, it saves manpower cost, sophisticated technology and advanced environmental protection concept. Our EPS shredder can make your business bright in future.

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