Fine eps regrinding machine from China

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eps shredding machine
eps shredding machine

Dual shaft eps regrinding machine can make eps styrofoam recycling with output eps beads under 2cm diameter.


Model no.
Inlet size
Motorreducer assembly power
Blower power
Rotating shaft qty
2 pcs
2 pcs
Output granules diameter
styrofoam regrinding machine
styrofoam regrinding machine
The eps regrinding machine is fully designed for recycling eps styrofoam waste with coordination of smaller diameter output and better capacity of eps shredding.The polystyrene waste will be reduced to nuggets which are to be sold or used again in package or board insulation line.The waste volume will be largely reduced by our eps recycling machine.
The eps regrinding machine is designed with two rotating shafts on top and one fixed shaft thing below the two shafts.The polystyrene waste will be rotating until it shred to size similiar to holes of screening mesh.
Cause the inlet is big size,so,it works well with different size of eps styrofoam waste like foam package,foam block,eps trimmings etc.
eps shredding machine
eps shredding machine
eps regrinding machine has below features:
1) Two rotating shafts and one fixed shaft.It is twin shaft eps regrinding machine.
2) The blade layout on the shaft are redesigned for recycling the size of eps styrofoam.
3) The size of blade on the shaft of two shaft eps shredder is just good for working with the machine.
4) Big power of motor reducer and blower on the eps shredding machine.
5) The eps regrinding machine height is good with the big power of machine,no materials can escape from inlet.

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