5 axis CNC router for big size statue sculpture

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cnc router
5 axis cnc router

The 5 axis CNC router adopts an imported electric spindle with a double-rotation oscillating milling head. The milling head can make the axis of the tool always perpendicular to the machined surface of the workpiece, realizing “normal” cutting processing, and completing anything except the bottom surface. Angle processing, equipment stroke can be customized according to your needs.

The whole CNC router machine adopts a fully enclosed structure, which can prevent dust from entering the inside of the equipment even if the workpiece is processed with extremely fine powder, and prolong the service life of the equipment.

cnc router
5 axis cnc router

The dual-station model adopts the design of double-tables. During processing, two different workpieces can be placed separately for processing and loading and unloading or as a whole platform to clamp a workpiece. The small five-axis machining center is suitable for processing small items with higher accuracy requirements.

The 5 axis CNC router is suitable for the processing of non-metallic materials and light metals. Such as: wood, substitute wood, aluminum alloy, insulation materials, etc., application industries such as classical furniture, vehicle interior parts, bathroom molds, plastic parts, handicrafts and composite materials (glass fiber, thick sheet plastic parts, carbon fiber, etc.) ) And other machine is high-precision, high-speed processing.

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