Why we need EPS silo system to be automatic

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eps silo drawing
eps silo drawing

A big EPS slabs factory needs lots of EPS silos,it is difficult work and it needs many labor to operate them,so,we can design an automatic EPS silo system to work.

EPS silo
EPS silo

With China’s rising labor costs, EPS factory needs automation to reduce the manpower demand, so We introduce and develop the foreign unmanned factory design concept, in order to achieve the whole plant of unmanned operation, the foam will need to implement to the maturation of forming of storehouse can only control interface;

EPS silo system work by setting to run the program, can realize automatic timing curing time and curing records in a warehouse material density, foam with automatic warehouse, molding with automatic warehouse, etc to achieve foaming, curing, forming etc the whole process.

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