2019 Top Selling EPS Batch Pre-expander Machine FDS1660

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FDS110~FDS1660 EPS Batch Pre-expander Machine

Products Details:

Batch Preexpander is to expand EPS raw mateial to required density. Material filling and expanding is done batch by batch, so it’s called Batch preexpander.

Batch Preexpander can give more accurate density, easier operation, and it’s energy saving.

Machine complete with Screw Conveyor, Weighing System, Expansion Chamber, Proportional valve, Fluidized bed Drier.

Main Features:

  1. Steam system: use precise pressure reducing valve and PID (proportional vale system) to keep constant steam.
  2. Pressure control: pressure sensor works with multi-valves venting system, ensuring stable pressure inside expansion chamber.
  3. Temperature control: adopts temperature sensor and compressed air proportional valve to keep accurate expansion temperature, suitable for high density expansion.
  4. Material level control: use vibration sensor to control material level.
  5. Material filling system: with batch controller and weighing scale to ensure same input weight every batch.
  6. Electrical control: PLC and touch screen, electronic parts,valves etc. are all of famous brand home and abroad


  • Auto density checking system is optional
  • The Machine use stainless steel fluidized bed drier
  • Secondary expansion for FDS1400 and FDS1660 is optional

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