The role of EPS shredder for eps pellet line

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Due to the large volume of EPS foam which is light weight,it is inconvenient to make transportation, many customers still need to double the volume of the foam and increase the density to facilitate the reception and use of the foam; especially the imported foam, in order to save the transportation cost, compress the foam volume. Our company is one of the earliest manufacturers of foam cold press and eps granulator in China.


The EPS shredder can recycle the eps waste into small scraps and the scraps will be transported into EPS pelletizer machine to make finished beads.

eps shredder
eps shredder

With strong strength and many years of experience, we welcome new and old users to come and buy. Regarding the hot melt machine, we use a twin-screw foam extruder, which uses a twin-screw, because a single screw is not completely melted, and if one screw is developed too long, it will affect the output; the melting depends on the continuous screw When moving forward, friction fever and external heating coil heat, the temperature control is preferably 30 degrees, in our future research and development design, the temperature is heated by the heating coil; to deal with the problem of impurities, some users also mentioned that we have changed It is extremely feasible to filter impurities with a net head.

Model no.
Inlet size
Motorreducer assembly power
Blower power
Rotating shaft qty
2 pcs
2 pcs
Output granules diameter

Among them, the quality of hot melt directly determines the quality of the EPS pelletizer, which can be described as the core part of the entire manufacturing line.

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