DTLQ-4 CNC Sponge Vertical Cutting Machine

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Technology Date

Inner Table Size1320*2290mm1720*2290mm
Outer Table Size1210*2290mm2000*2290mm
Cutting Height800*1200mm800*1200mm
Cutting Thickness>3mm>3mm
Cutting Line7320/8100mm8100/8900mm
Overall Power1.74kw1.74kw
Overall DimensionL4500*W4000*H2550mmL4500*W4800*H2550mm
Overall Weight1500kg1600kg

Suit for:Sponge


CNC FAST WIRE MACHINE is used to cut vertical sponge sheet and simple shape sponge product.


1.All the machines are driven by the remarkable D&T Profiler software:the software speeds up the 

   design process and enables the operator to obtain the best yield from the foam block;

2.It has perfect safe system to prevent the accident:all Motors will stop when the safety dooropened; 

   Exigency button on both machine and control box is for preventing accident.

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