Things to effect quality of EPS moulding

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eps moulding
eps moulding

In recent years, EPS moulding have been used more and more widely in the domestic construction industry, and the decorative effects are uneven.

The quality of the EPS moulding is a major factor affecting the decorative effects. How to check whether an EPS moulding component is qualified, let’s listen to what the EPS moulding manufacturer says?

eps moulding
eps moulding

EPS moulding are all mixed materials, and they should have a relative thickness to ensure their service life. From the current stage, it seems that the slope heel of good quality EPS components is at least eight millimeters. If it is less than this value, the service life will be correspondingly discounted and the safety factor will also decrease.

cnc foam cutting machine
cnc foam cutting machine

Look at the border line of the EPS moulding. Because the EPS moulding components are all generated together, there must be a variety of different shapes and curve shapes. If the cutting from CNC foam cutting machine is not accurate or the quality is not smooth, the quality inside is the same problem.

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