most commonly used EPS cutting machine

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hot wire eps cutting machine
hot wire eps cutting machine

As we all know,to cut eps slabs,there is automatic,semi-automatic and manual EPS  cutting machines in the market.Which one you will choose from them?

 Manual cutting machine is sensitive and convenient, but the quality of manual cutting is poor, the size error is large, the data waste is large, the subsequent processing workload is large, and the labor conditions are harsh and the consumption efficiency is low. The semi-automatic cutting machine has good quality of cutting workpieces and is only suitable for single piece, small batch and large workpiece cutting. Other types of semi-automatic cutting machines certainly reduce the labor intensity of workers, but their functions are simple, and are only suitable for cutting some more regular-shaped parts. The automatic EPS cutting machine is suitable for cutting larger batches, with high automation efficiency and small cutting error. It is the most widely used cutting machine.

eps cutting machine
eps cutting machine


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