2019 New Design EPS 3D CNC Shape Cutting Machine EPS920

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Main Features of EPS 3D CNC Shape Cutting Machine:

  1. The machine makes use of controlling the X-axis and the Y-axis to combine them into a graph. At the same time, the resistance wire is used to cut all kinds of EPS products. Its operation route is to make use of the graphics inputted into the computer, and automatically sends impulse signals to control the X and Y axes. When the machine is equipped with a rotation device, the 3D (three- dimensional) can be realized;
  2. Two methods: To directly use AutoCAD to draw or to scan the graphics and then input them into the computer;

  3. The Single-Wire CNC Shape Cutting Machine is applicable to cutting products with big volumes or in small numbers;
  4. The Multiple-Wire CNC Shape Cutting Machine is applicable to cutting products with small volumes or in large quantities. The Resistance Wire Cutting System can use 20 resistance wires at the same time, after inputting the graphics into the computer all the resistance wires can run in parallel, and can cut 20 complicated 3D (three- dimensional) shapes per each cutting.
NumberItemsType \UnitEPSCNC3-2000×1240EPSCNC3-3000×3000EPSCNC3-4000×4000
1Max. Products Sizemm2000x1240x12403000x3000x12404000x4000X1240
2Hot Cutting Wire Lengthmm200030004000
2Min. Cutting Thicknessmm0-12400-12400-1240
3Cutting Speedm/min0-3.5
Frequency-Conversion Timming
Frequency-Conversion Timming
Frequency-Conversion Timming
4Number of Operating
Hot Wire Simultaneously
5Hot Wire Specificationmm0.4-0.80.4-0.80.4-0.8
6Power Supplykw2.252.253.0
7Transformer Capacitykw888
9Control Modeautomaticautomaticautomatic
10Control SystemAutoCADAutoCADAutoCAD
11Cutting ModeThree DimensionThree DimensionThree Dimension
12Max. Contour Sizemm2500x2000x25003500x3500x25004500x4500x2500
13Machine Net Weightkg180023002800

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