CNC profile cutting machine Best price 3d wire cnc foam cutting machine automatic rigid foam cutting equipment

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1.High accuracy 
2.0~12m/min cutting speed 
3.Suit for all kind of rigid &flexible foam, such as PU, EPS, PE,PVC, EVA, Rock wool and phenol foams.

Cutting line:   High-speed Abrasive Wire  

CNC Fast Wire Contour Cutter is a versatile machine, which uses an abrasive steel wire moving at high-speed, grinds the material into power and melts powder with producing residual heat under the high-speed operation,the computer controlling card controls the sliding board and the vacuum adsorption working table or conveyer belt  to run, the cutting process is according to the scheduled track that the computer draws.     


The advantages of programmed-control CNC Fast Wire Contour Cutter initiated by our company as following:

1. Accurate intensity and repeated production without reliance on the operator’s techniques;

2. The losses arising from operator’s tiredness and his fault is totally eliminated;

3. Efficient production;

4. The expenses are greatly reduced because no need for making ,repairing or storing models;

5. Supports automatic nesting, presentation materials, the maximum level of savings graphics processing time and reducing cost of raw materials;

6. Design revision and making model can be immediately completed;

7. A high degree of operational safety devices guarantee have no incident

8.Cutting wire is steelwire,so it can avoid the potential risk of the fire  caused by the size of stability and the hotcutting wire which can produce heat.

9. Software is easy to learn, user-friendly, the operatives have no particular skill requirements;

 3.Technical DaTa of  High-speed Abrasive Wire Contour Cutter  

Max. Product Size2500*1200*1000(mm)2500*2000*1200(mm)2500*2500*1200(mm)
Cutting    Line1.3~1.5mm
Control    SystemIndustrial    Computer
SoftwareD&T    ProfilerD&T    ProfilerD&T    Profiler
Cutting    Speed0~6m/min0~6m/min0~6m/min
Vacuum    De-dustIncludedIncludedIncluded
Overall    Weight1200kg1500kg2200kg
Overall    Dimension 6200*2400*2380mm 6200*3200*2800mm 6200*3800*2800mm


CNC Fast Wire Contour Cutter is specifically developed for special heat insulation materials used in the construction industry, and it can be used in slicing and modeling processing for various types of high density foam.

It is the most ideal equipment in building, indoor decoration, advertising, toys model industry, aerospace industry model, furniture manufacturing and packaging areas. The control system is self-development, worry-free service, To make your most wanted tailor-made production equipment, is the goal we are after.

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