what is cnc foam cutting machine

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hot wire cnc foam cutting machine
hot wire cnc foam cutting machine

We always talk about cnc foam cutting machine,what is cnc foam cutting machine?Let’s clarify it here.

The word cnc is Computer numerical control in techincal terms,it can be seen in CNC software like AutoCAD,Devfoam,AI,etc.The cutting tools will make with 2D,3D or 4D models.

The machine will cut foam,what is foam? foam is eps styrofoam,sponge,PU materials etc.For different materials,the cutting tools will be different,the best cutting tools for eps styrofoam is hot wire,for sponge is oscillating blade,for PU ,it is abrasive wire.

So,you need talk about cnc foam cutting machine with its cutting tools to specify it.


below picture is hot wire cnc foam cutting machine for eps styrofoam materials which is expanded polystyrene in full name,it is white color foam on the machine as in below picture.

The picture show single wire cnc foam cutting machine,it is for 3d and 4d models.Software is devfoam and CNCUSB.The wire tensioned with roller stocking unit and wire temperature is adjustable.

It is 4 axis cnc foam cutting machine,all axis independent control,wire end can move at different directions at different speed.

we can add up a turntable at middle of table to be 5 axis cnc foam cutting machine.some spiral models can be cut in the machine.

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