introducing automated eps silo system

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automatic eps silo system

What cost mostly during EPS sheets making in the plant? Machines,labor,raw materials etc? It happens that the labor costs most,so,the production line needs automation.We introduce the automated EPS silo system in the article.

As we all know,the eps silo connects the eps pre-expander and EPS molding machine which can be automatically working as single machine,but how to make the whole line automatic?

styrofoam silo
styrofoam silo

We upgrade on the regular eps silo with sensors and intelligent controlling panel.Automated eps silo can set up aging time automatically,recording density of eps balls,automated shifting pre-expanded silo and molded silo by pre-set programming, it can be optional with isopentane testing sensor which can avoid the fire disaster.

Silo bag Size
2.5m*2.5m*  (4+1)m
Recycled EPS Storage
Recycled EPS Storage
Recycled EPS Storage

Other machines need also install the automatic device to work with eps silo,the pre-expander need install automatic detecting device,molding machine needs chamber pressure detecting system.And the eps silo system need connect with storage silo on molding machine and work automatically.

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