Solve mold adjustment problem on eps molding machine

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foam box
foam box

EPS molding machine work for making foam package box with mold in the machine.

When the EPS molding machine is in use, it will encounter the problem of mold adjustment. So, how to solve the problem that the eps molding machine can not adjust the mold?

The mold adjustment spool is stuck. Remove the valve and check. Clean the valve. The mechanical level and parallelism are out of tolerance. Check with a spirit level angle ruler. Adjust the parallelism and level.

Check whether there is a signal at the output point on the computer page. Repair the electronic board. The gap between the pressure plate of the foam machine and the die-adjusting nut is too small. Measure with feeler gauge. Adjust the gap between the pressure plate and the nut, and adjust the gap between the die nut and the pressure plate.

foam box
foam box

Up and down support plate adjustment. Remove the lock nut of the expense board to check. Adjust the adjusting nut. You can check the oil motor. Replace or repair the oil on motor.

Check if the nut can be turned to generate heat and iron powder is coming out. Replace the nut. In this way, the foam machine can handle the problems that occur in the mold adjustment process.

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