Variable frequency transformer functions on eps cutting machine

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We can easily see the eps cutting machine work fast and slow anytime you want it to be,whether on horizontal or vertical is variable frequency as the machine operator call to realize the variable frequency ? we work thru the variable frequency transformer device.

The variable frequency transformer (VFT) is a new type of flexible AC transmission system equipment that can be connected to the asynchronous grid.

The voltage transformer is a new type of asynchronous grid interconnection device that integrates transformer, phase shifter, hydraulic generator, double-fed motor and DC drive technology. The core component of the project is a resolver with single-phase windings on the stator and rotor sides. , And adjust the phase displacement of the rotor magnetic field relative to the stator magnetic field through the DC motor drive system, thereby controlling the size and direction of the power output by the variable frequency transformer.

You can adjust the current thru the button on the transformer.It is based on the temperature of hot wires you need.The final functions of transformer in on the hot wires which are cutting tools for eps cutting machines.The frequency conversion transformer is mainly composed of three parts: resolver, DC drive motor and slip ring. Among them, the resolver is the subject of power exchange between the rotor and the stator system through the principle of magnetic coupling. The DC motor is the key device to control the rotor speed and the power transmission of the variable frequency transformer. The slip ring is to realize the electrical connection between the rotor winding and the external system of eps cutting machine.

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