nichrome wire Cr20Ni80

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hot wire
hot wire for cnc foam cutting machine

We see the hot wire on hot wire cutting machine,which are for cutting eps insulation sheets or cnc foam models of 2D,3D,4D etc.The hot wires are heated and they can melt the expanded polystyrene foam.

clarifying that hot wires are nichrome wires/ Nickel-chromium/heating wires has several different names.The part no. of Cr20Ni80 is widely used on hot wire cutting machines. Cr in short is Chromium,Ni is Nickel chemical name.

Wire Material: Cr20Ni80 Specification: φ0.6mm~φ12.0mm

Application: Nickel-chromium materials are widely used in industrial electric furnaces, household appliances, far-infrared devices, industrial equipment and other industries due to their high-temperature strength and strong plasticity.

nichrome wire Cr20Ni80


Nickel-chromium wire has high resistivity, good surface oxidation resistance, high temperature level, high strength at high temperature, good processing performance and weldability, and can be widely used in metallurgy, household appliances, machinery Manufacturing industry, etc. as heating elements and electrical industry as resistance materials. It has a long life application, but because it contains nickel, the cost is relatively high.

Part No.Chemical composition%Max temperature℃melting℃densityg/cm3resistivityμΩ·m, 20℃Elongation %Specific heat J/g.℃Heat conductivity KJ/m.h℃Coefficient of linear expansion
(20~ 1000℃)
≤1.0allowanceappropriate amount120014008.401.09±0.05≥200.44060.318.0

Cr20Ni80 is used between 500°C and 900°C. Because of it is stable, single and uniform solid solution structure, it has good room temperature and high temperature mechanical properties, uniform electrical physical properties and good processing technology properties. It is different from iron-chromium-aluminum electric heating alloy materials in terms of low operating temperature, long service life, and resistance to damage.

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