Why made in China products are popular in the world?

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Made in China
made in China
We can see logo of made in China marks on many products,people thinking of China when they see cheap products with good quality.Now,China is still encouraging factories with good policy for them and China introduce good policies for attracting investment from abroad.There is hot words “one belt one road” from Chinese government which shows willing of economical cooperation for all countries,i think more investments will come to China and China made products are going to be sold more with the one belt and one road policy. In brief,China is manufacturing center for the world now,why ?
China positions on the supply Chain,simply,you can get everything in China.Apple CEO ever talks to the public why he build his factory in China,he says he can get raw materials supply from next door,it means the supply chain is complete and it is not much workable in other countries. Imagine that you start your manufacturing factory in other countries,you need import everything from abroad,expenses will be more and it costs time,of course it is not good.Business need think about the efficiency and cost. Take the hot wire cnc cutter for example,the parts are all China made,like the electronics are Delixi brand and frames are metal materials which are available in all cities.Motors are made in Shanghai,belts are transformers are made in Guangdong.Only the softwares are made abroad,but it is instantly available on internet. This is the supply chain advantage for making China into a manufacturing center for the world.

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