Feature of EPS block machines from China

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nf eps block
nf eps block

Myaid Machinery bears in mind with the business philosophy of “fastest speed, best quality and lowest price”, our company is committed to the research and development and manufacture of EPS insulation sheets and supply EPS machines. First-class products, perfect service quality  meet the  customer satisfaction.

eps pre-expander
eps pre-expander

The EPS block machine produced by our company adopts the double-drive pair-roller extrusion process. The product completes the entire board production line process from sizing, main material, spreading, compounding, and re-pressing at one time. It has the following specific characteristics:

  1. The EPS block machine feeds materials, mixes slurry, spreads cloth, composites, and presses once to form. 3-5 people can produce 700 square meters per day, which saves 40% of labor compared to traditional equipment.
  1. The degree of automation is high, the operation is stable, and the specifications can be adjusted arbitrarily.
  1. The EPS block machine has the characteristics of light weight and earthquake resistance, fast and convenient construction, and low comprehensive cost.
  2. The surface of the EPS sheets is flat, smooth and high in density, which truly realizes the industrialized assembly line production of new building wall panels, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of production workers.

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